The wall mounted SOLID SIT-UP is designed to bolt directly onto the wall into wood studs. It is important to drill pilot holes deep into the studs so the lag bolts properly anchor in. Use an electric drill with clutch to screw in the lag bolts so the bolts are not over-torqued. Using a ratchet can over-torque the lag bolts, either breaking them or stripping the wood of your studs in the wall.

For metal studs, use 1/4″ X 4″ toggle bolts. For concrete walls use stud anchors (not included).

Images of Installation process:

Pieces included in the box:
• 1 Bar (our new bar is shipped assembled)
• 4 Lag Bolts with washers sit up bar parts

The equipment needed to install your wall mounted SOLID SIT-UP includes:
• Drill
• ½ inch socket
• 3/4 inch socket
• Stud finder
• 3/16 inch drill bit
• Drill to socket adapter
• Pencil for marking hole locations
• Level over 1 foot in length
• Measuring tape