Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How high off the ground should the wall mounted SOLID SIT-UP be mounted?
We recommend that the bar should be 3-5 inches off of the ground.  This allows for your feet to slide comfortably under the bar while still holding them down in place.  Have a friend hold it at different heights while you put your feet under to see what feels best.

Q: If I mount it in my garage, won’t the concrete floor be too hard to do sit-ups on?
Probably, which is why we recommend using a rubber workout mat, yoga mat, or piece of old carpet on the ground. You can also use a Swiss Ball to do sit-ups on.

Q: Will the door mounted SOLID SIT-UP damage my door?
The door mounted SOLID SIT-UP was designed to fit on most doors with out causing damage.  Be sure not to overtighten the bolts, do not apply downward pressure on the bar (no standing on the bar etc), do not operate the door while the door mounted SOLID SIT-UP is attached and remove the bar after use. 

Q: Will the door mounted SOLID SIT-UP be are the correct height off the ground for me to use?
We’ve tested the door mounted SOLID SIT-UP with many people of various shoe sizes.  100% of them reported they were comfortable with the door mounted SOLID SIT-UP.  However, if you find the bar to high, consider wrapping a towel around the bar during use.  A picture can be seen in our Gallery page of this site.