Managing a modern “Web-2.0” marketing campaign just got a whole lot easier! The Easy WordPress Website that is provided to every Member of the Venture Activist Network is a unique system that offers instant access to the advanced marketing power of the world-famous WordPress platform, and adds a bunch of great “do-it-yourself” tools that make controlling this powerful system as easy as writing an Email.

The WordPress Website System is well known for offering more tools, features, widgets, plugins, and themes than any other Content Management system. However, getting up and running on the WordPress platform has always been a bit of a challenge—until now! The Easy WordPress System is pre-configured to include everything you need to present an impressive, feature-rich “Web-2.0” website right away, complete with pop-out menus, animated photo galleries, custom fonts, blogs, contact forms, and more.

This is a customized version of WordPress that provides easy-to-use tools that simplify how people use the system, including advanced “point-and-click” web page editing tools that allow people to design complex web pages without using any computer code or complicated scripting. If you know how to use a word processor, you have all the technical skills you’ll need to add and change the web pages in your Easy WordPress Website.

Even advanced features like Menu Layouts, Table Grids, Headline Styling, Search Engine Optimization, and Photo Gallery design, are all as easy a “point-and-click.” Throw in the most flexible website design template available for WordPress, along with easy to follow instructions, and you’ve got Powerful Internet Marketing Made Easy.