The SOLID SIT-UP is the ultimate commercial or home gym ab fitness accessory for creating the six pack abs you’ve always wanted. Our rugged designs are also flexible and provide you with the ability perform many exercises, in one easy to use bar.










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Both SOLID SITUP bars are designed to last, provide for multiple uses and to help you meet your fitness goals. Our products are 100% American made and we are a Veteran owned business. Good luck, thank you so much for your interest in SOLID SITUP!

“I put up a Solid Sit-Up in about 10 minutes and now my kids and I practice sit-ups and leg levers with the bar as our holder. I find this tool especially helpful for those who work out alone”

Stew Smith -- NAVY SEAL,

Special Operations Fitness Specialist, (click here for more info)

“Works great my friend. I do not see it ever breaking either!”

Brian Mackenzie -- Founder

CrossFit Endurance & Anaerobic, Inc., (click here for more info)

“The quality of the parts is definitely top notch… Installation was a breeze. I watched the YouTube video once and went to the gym and had it ready to go in about 15 minutes… It really is a versatile piece of gear and am very pleased with this product!”

Adam Betts -- Founder

CrossFit West Knox, (click here for more info)

Easy Installation (wall mounted only)

10-Yr Guarantee (wall mounted only)

We are so confident in the quality of the SOLID SITUP, we offer a 10 Year Guarantee. That means that if the product fails for any reason, either next month or next decade, you can return the SOLID SITUP and get a replacement SOLID SITUP for free, you pay the shipping charges.*

* If you decide to return our product, we require that you simply email us a photo of your SOLID SITUP installed at home or the gym and ask that you provide a brief description as to why the product failed. Only applies to indoor installations where the SOLID SITUP is not exposed to weather, moisture, or non-temperate climates. Any SOLID SITUP installations in outdoor installations come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and will only be fully refunded if the SOLID SITUP is returned in like-new condition, as determined by Solid Fitness, LLC.

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